We have helped thousands of people attain their goal of Canadian permanent residence, temporary residence or citizenship.  We will work diligently to assist you, regardless of how difficult or complicated your case may be.

Thank you for your assistance through this entire application process. Your firm was a nice balance between being professional and also pleasant to work with.  


J. C.

我委托贵公司办理移民申请,是通过朋友介绍,是一家非常专业的移民顾问公司。贵团队的人员工作态度非常严谨,对委托人的材料和情况都会做详细的分析指导,详细的审阅。对待客户非常热情,管理规范,效率高效,让我感到非常满意。再此,再一次非常感谢Amy, Lillian, Teresa。 


I was referred by my friend to hire Elliott Law Firm to assist my permanent resident application. Elliott Law Firm is a very professional immigration consulting company. All the team players have serious working attitude. They analyze my documents and situation carefully and in detail. They are polite and friendly to clients. I am satisfied with their standard management and efficiency. Once again, thank you all, Amy, Lillian and Teresa. 

Ms. Q.

I am a Canadian citizen and I married my wife who was a non-resident of Canada back in December 2012 at Toronto. After we got married in Toronto, I wanted my wife to stay with me while I submit her application for permanent residency. I did not want to go through all the application hassle as I have a very busy job in life. As a result, I approached Nancy Elliott’s service in early January 2013 to assist me with our application matters. 


My first impression with Nancy Elliott’s firm was that the staff are friendly and very detail oriented and Nancy very much understood how we felt. They guided us through in every step of the application process and they made sure that nothing is confusing in the application when submitted to the Immigration Office. They gave us the impression that they would aim for the target once which made the whole process very precise and efficient. In our situation, from submission in early May 2013 to successfully obtaining the PR confirmation paper only took a little under 9 months. 


We now live together happily and most importantly my wife is now having an official status in Canada without having to wait for years to come over, thanks to Nancy Elliott’s service and her team of dedicated staffs. 


I would strongly recommend Nancy Elliott’s professional service to anyone in regards to immigration matters.


Elliott Law Firm handled my mother’s super-visa application. The associates at Elliott Law Firm provided a very easy to follow check-list for the supporting document. Once the application was submitted, they always kept me informed on all correspondences regarding my mother’s application at earliest possible. Everyone in their office are approachable and with great patience to answer all my questions. The application was approved within a month after it was submitted.  


The services provided by Amy Li at Elliott Law Firm is very positive, everything was done professionally and in a timely manner. I would love to recommend your company anytime.  W.Y.