Nancy Elliott has assisted countless individuals and companies to relocate to Canada, creating the best possible strategy to achieve both personal and business goals.  While Elliott Law Professional Corporation does not provide corporate legal services, our trusted network of corporate, commercial, securities and tax lawyers are available to advise on all types of business issues. Ms. Elliott completed her BA in Chinese studies at University of Toronto and studied Mandarin at the Beijing Foreign Languages Normal College and National Taiwan University, prior to obtaining her law degree at Queen's University.  She has been a trusted advisor to many international companies, including Chinese public and private corporations, and continues to provide guidance and advice for those entering the Canadian marketplace.


Many companies and individuals wish to establish businesses in Canada as subsidiaries or affiliates of foreign companies, or as stand-alone entities.  We work closely with corporate counsel to ensure that your Canadian corporate structure meets relevant immigration requirements.


It is essential to understand the legal, taxation and accounting environment in Canada to create a sound investment strategy.  Elliott Law Professional Corporation will direct you to the right advisors to ensure that all investment, legal, taxation and accounting issues are properly considered and addressed.


Business people have numerous options when considering immigration to Canada, including the Investor Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, Start-up Visa and Owner-Operator LMIA with Federal Skilled Worker.  Each category has advantages and disadvantages, and each issue must be considered in exceptional detail to avoid pitfalls.  Elliott Law Professional Corporation has a very deep understanding of the various options and can guide you successfully through your application.